How to Apply Eye Makeup for a Night Out| 5 Night Makeup Tips

Now it’s easy to create the perfect smoky eye with Eye Studio® Color Explosion™ Luminizing Eyeshadow. Makeup artist Julianne Kaye takes us backstage to show us how to create this smoky eye look in 5 easy steps.Steps To Apply Blue Eyeshadow

Read these 5 nights Makeup Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser. Each tip is approved by our editors and created by expert writers so great we call them Gurus. LifeTips is the place to go if you need to know about Make-Up Tips and hundreds of other topics.The 7 Prettiest Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

1.Focus lips or eyes

When the make-up for an evening look, most makeup artists recommend that you choose either your lips or eyes, as focus.Heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick looks like the pages of Vogue circa 1984.How to Choose the Right Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

If you like intense eye makeup with layers of different colors, thick liner and mascara, then you better mute your mouth, making a neutral shade or to keep them clean and shiny. If you have big lips and want to play them with brazen red or deep plum, you can only use light liner on the lash line and neutral shade scale. If the focus is on the lips, do not forget to take care of them by moisturizing and exfoliating your lips so that the color does not look flaky dry skin on the lips.

Bright Colorful Eyeshadow Look2.Colorful Eye Shadow

In Jewel- toned shade looks especially beautiful and glamorous night. Consider the purple , green , gold, aqua, or hot pink for a radical pop music. Click this color on the center of your lid for a pop of bright color. Do not put the pearl tone color in the crease of the eye – if you’re not the direction of Joan Collins Alla Alexis Carrington Colby from Dynasty days.Colorful eyeshadow photo,Colorful eyeshadow tutorial

Nara Cosmetics make highly pigmented eyeshadow in the color of the rainbow. Their eyeshadow free ( $ 21 ) folds -proof and can actually be used wet or dry. Some colors to try are Cancun ( fuchsia ), Party Monster ( purple with gold shimmer ), Goldfinger ( bright gold ) , Emmanuel (red- coral ) and Night Flight ( black with bright blue shades ) . Or twice and try the Duo Eyeshadow ( $ 31) in Rated R ( chartreuse green and cobalt blue ) , God ( pink and chocolate) and Caravaggio ( azalea pink and purple iridescent ) . Keep the rest of your makeup is strictly neutral , especially the cheeks and lips. These bright shade are a fun way to add a little color to your evening!

Winter Wedding Makeup Tips3.Champagne Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes sexy, but it can come across as intense and dramatic. If this is not the message you are sending, try lighter, softer version of Scarlett Johansson is here. Line of the upper and lower lash line with black eyeliner and smudge with a cotton swab or finger. Apply a light brown eye shadow (we like Burberry Sheer Beauty Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown) around the outer corners and blend towards the brow and under the lower lashes to soften the edges. Dust on the shimmering champagne (try Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Champagne) at the center of the eyelids and the “build-to-edge color fold,” says Murphy.

Classic Black Smokey Eye ft. UD Smoked Palette4.Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial

You know, as we said, smoky eyes are essential? If you get decked out for a big night on the town, nothing less will do. Copy Julianne Moore, drawing black eyeliner-we love how well Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in a smoky-black line along the upper lashes. (It’s okay if it’s a little dirty … it’s an idea.) Apply a matte slate or concrete shadow (Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in the fog of the city) just below the lower eyelashes and eyelids, then blend outwards to the fold. “Blur the edges, that gives you that really smoky, scattered look. It begins with a black and just disappears into the gray-green,” says Murphy. Finish with hints of black mascara. Leave the rest of the face is quite simply hide any bare patches of redness, and dust on the natural blush and some clear lip balm.

Ashley with purple eyes5.Purple eyes

If you want a look that is fresh, exciting, and a little seductive, purple eyeshadow, meets these requirements and flatter amazing variety of skin tones. To get similar Olivia Wilde, eye line with a black eye pencil or deep eggplant (we like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Lust). Mix a rich eggplant eye shadow to the outer corners and under the lower lash line. Add “shimmering mid-tone purple, like a dark lavender, above the cover,” says Murphy, and napkins on a bit of black mascara.

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