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How Can Tea Affect your Hairs and Skin Beauty

Does tea put on hair ?

Does tea put on hair
Especially in the winter , which is indispensible tea to drink in the pleasant moments as well as the beauty of being a warm break in the doors are opening .

Skin renewal mask

Home - Reviews - Skincare - Exfoliators & Scrubs - REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask Photos & ReviewThis mask will help remove toxins from your skin . Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of yogurt and tea mix. Apply to your face and protect your eyes waited 20 minutes after the wash. Your skin will immediately notice the feeling of softness and vitality .

Avoid Eye Needles

Especially after a tiring day or evening against the computer, or if you stay for a long time If you slept too late , your eyes may appear swollen and tired . But this situation get annoyed . Many worry that the cure puffy eyes tea can help you . For this, two tea bags in boiling water for half a cup of tea to brew in the fridge for 15 minutes to cool down a bit . After cooling in the refrigerator of two piece of cotton dipped in tea , often after you place it on your eyelids and leave it for about 10 minutes . You will find that your eyes look a lot better .

In your Hair Shine

Lock More Shine in Your Hair, How to Make Your Hair Shiny” Hair is driven me to tea ?” Do not ask . Because you wear your hair looks lifeless and dull if you do not like tea bath . First wash your hair with your normal shampoo and rinse. After your hair before brew the tea and pour it in your hair for about five minutes of waiting . After rinsing your hair dryer to dry self- help rather than wait . Then you can give your hair the way you like .

Substances contained in tea from Thein contains both stimulatory and thirst -relieving properties . 20 times more powerful than vitamin E , an antioxidant substances called polyphenols, which accelerates the blood circulation , prevents oxidation of cells and delaying the aging of skin firming makes an impact .

Revive your skin

Are you ready to refresh revive rejuvenate your skin for a continuous glowEspecially for dry skin can safely use tea acts as savior . Add some tea into your facial moisturizer and rub your face at night before bed . Then rinse with warm water and dry your skin . You will find that your skin is soft to the touch . Tea in the content of a substance called natural astringent is a natural astringent . Therefore, wash your skin with tea even if only helps recovery,Hairs and Skin Beauty .

Note: According to the studies to wash face with black or green tea helps protect from skin cancer as well .

Loss of your Acne

It will likely not help definitely to get loss of your blackheads but it will certainly lead for a healthier health.If you get pimples on your face if you become aware of signs that the measures in place you can get your tea . Brew a tea bag in hot water after a few minutes, remove the tea bag and allow to cool slightly . Then place the acne will come in and leave it on for 5-10 minutes acne . Bag of acne that takes place after a period of washing . You will not believe the impact on acne,Hairs and Skin Beauty !

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