Homemade Natural Beauty Tips for Women

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. Especially women are very conscious of their beauty so they use different types of creams and cosmetics for beauty, the regular use of creams enhance the beauty, but some of the beauty products have side effects. We have some home remedies to make your face smooth and give you the natural beauty of your skin.Homemade Natural Beauty Tips for Women


  •     Make a mixture of milk, lemon juice and corn flour then apply it on your skin and neck. It will be removing wrinkles from your   skin and make it glowing and charming.
  •     Take milk and honey make a mixture and apply it on your skin. It will make your complexion fair and charming.
  •     Daily massage with olive oil, your skin become fairy and shiny.
  •     Mix almond oil with water and apply it on your face stay for some time then wash it fresh water. It makes your skin flexible and provides the complexion of your skin.
  •     A quality face wash is the best cleanser for your skin. You must be punctual in choosing of cleanser. Always choose that cleanser witch is match with your skin.
  •     Before going to bed, it is necessary to remove the makeup with fresh water.
  •     Some soaps are very bed quality and can affect your face that’s why it is important to avid the use of them.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Secure buttons by applying a thin layer of polish to the center to keep thread from coming loose. Coating the bottom of your shaving-cream can with lacquer can also prevent rust stains from forming on your squeaky-clean bathtub.

Body Lotion

Body Lotion

To tame unwanted flyaways, rub a dime-size amount of hand or body lotion in your palms and brush lightly on problem spots.Clear Tape

Clear Tape

Remove dry skin from lips by pressing the sticky side of tape to your pucker, or see what a nail polish color will look like without the mess by placing a small piece on your nail and doing a quick test.Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Help avoid blisters from those stylish-yet-painful stilettos by coating problem spots with petroleum jelly before slipping shoes on. Also: Neaten a nail job by dabbing on skin around your cuticles pre-polish. This way, if you make a mistake, the polish is easily wiped away.

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