Home Remedies for Removing Hair From All Parts Permanently

Almost all parts of the body have hair including the face. Facial hair is particularly annoying in women. This can make them feel feminine, unattractive, and stress causes a loss of confidence. It is normal for a person have a lovely fluffy hair. The growth of the hair coarse and thick, the problems begin. This excessive hair growth can be attributed to genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, or as a reaction to certain drugs.

Home Remedies for Removing Hair

Home Remedies for Removing Hair From All Parts Permanently

Here are some herbal treatments that you can do at home to remove hair and slow regrowth. This is effective if done regularly, say, once a week, and require patience and testing. Check the mask on the back of the hand, for example, to check there is no adverse reaction before continuing.

Mix 30 grams of sugar with 10 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 150 ml of water. Mix well and then apply it on the face in the direction of hair growth. Leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, rubbing the facial area gently. Granulated sugar and lemon mixture will act as a gentle exfoliating agent and remove facial hair. The lemon juice will act as a natural astringent and anti-septic. Repeat once a week to find improvements.

* Other means, which can help in reducing hair growth on the face and remove unwanted hair is easy to make and use every week. Squeeze 10 ml lemon juice into 40 ml honey and prepare a mixture. Take a cotton swab and rub this mixture in the direction of hair growth. Wash after 15 minutes. Repeat two times a week for 2 weeks, and then use it weekly to find improving facial hair.

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* Easy-to-use face mask to help remove unwanted hair to squeeze 10 ml lemon juice in a glass of water (150 ml). Add 30 grams of gram flour to the mixture and mix thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your face yellow. Wait 15 minutes, then wash the face in the direction of hair growth to remove unwanted hair.

* Prepare a mixture of thick Chaldeans, Besancon and cottage cheese. Apply to the skin and leave to dry. Wipe the mixture gently from the skin and wash off with water.

Homemade wax:
Use two cups of sugar, a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of lemon juice. Heat a frying pan and pour all the ingredients in it. Source of heat over low heat and keep stirring until it melts. You get a thick brown liquid that can be used only once slightly cool. Before you start waxing check it on you finger for consistency as well as temperature. Before applying the mixture with a butter knife, cool by blowing air over it. Use a clean cloth or any waxing strip, pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then, apply ice and astringent to the area to tighten the pores.

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