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Green and Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial Mmakeup Look| Eye-Makeup Tutorials & Ideas

The purpose of eye makeup is to enhance and accentuate your blue eyes. To make the best choice that you have to decide what look you want to achieve – natural, classic or dramatic? Looking for eye makeup tips for blue eyes? Want to improve your blue eyes? Here are some eye makeup tips for blue eyes – learn how to apply eye makeup for everyday or for special occasions.What are good eye makeup tutorials for blue-green Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes What are good eye makeup tutorials for blue-greenMakeup for Blue Green Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips

Summer is a great time to experiment with the color of your eyes. Here are 10 lessons of eye make-up to show you how to wear the hottest looks of the season from the playful Brights in sexy metallic. If you went to a wedding or a party with the girls, find a reason to take a few extra moments and try one of these pretty advice.

Makeup Tips For Eyes: 10 Blue Levels

Green Eye Makeup Tutorial1. MAC Turquatic Inspired Summer Eyes

Inspired Turquatic packaging perfume Mac, this yellow to turquoise eyes stunning.Watch video for detailed instructions from head to toe.

Find the Perfect Shadow for Your Eye Color2. Your eyes are a deep dark blue

Sapphire? Whether they are intense and so dark that they look almost purple? If so, you can wear almost any color of eyeshadow – even darker color. However, the limit of light eye shadow colors for illumination. Deep gray, dark Smokey eyes and even light purple work for you. Eyeshadow copper and bronze makeup look for work in the summer. Silver looks great.

Trick For Getting Best Makeup For Your Eye Color3.Your average blue eyes

This color indicates a range of different shades of blue, and you can wear anything from light to shadow the middle of the range of colors. The darkest eyeshadow colors can be used in the crease areas and to line your eyes with. The deep shade of purple, dark peach, bronze and copper light shade to work for you. Pink marker even white can go before your eyes. Gray, silver and even blue eye shadow makes you look sensational.

Blue Eyes Makeup for Your Eyes4.Your eyes are blue

If you have irises that this light, then you may have problems choosing eyeshadow colors. I want you to know that there are makeup tips for blue eyes, that might work for you. Sometimes they can be suppressed in darker colors. Choose soft shadow in the middle range of colors. If you find a darker color that you just love, then use it in the crease area and under. Be careful when doing smokey look so that you do not overpower your color.

Review I Dolly Eye, Ariale Blue Big Eye Colored Lenses,Are you looking for makeup tutorials for the perfect bridal, party, or casual look5.Your eyes are blue-gray

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell. If you are wearing a blue sweater they probably appear blue, but if you wear gray, they are likely to appear gray. On the other hand, the gray-blue eyes also have a tendency to appear green. While it may seem at first a problem, in fact, benefit. You can really change the tone they appear when changing clothes. Get pleasure from the use of soft colors that do not overpower your light shade and highlight colors to use.

A brown-eyed girl may consider herself lucky her beautiful iris may be easily emphasized with plenty of eyeliner colors for brown eyes Review I Dolly Eye, Ariale Blue Big Eye Colored Lenses,Are you looking for makeup tutorials for the perfect bridal, party, or casual look6.How to choose and apply eyeliner for blue eyes

Choosing color eyeliner for blue eyes, follow one simple rule – the darker the eyeliner, the more you enhance your blue eyes will. Avoid using too light eyeliner color that will make your eyes disappear. Avoid blue eyeliner, which can make your eyes disappear.

To enhance your eyes and make them more, you can apply white eyeliner on the inner disk.Eyeliner for blue eyes-shades of brown, black, charcoal, dark green and dark blue is the best choice.

7.How to apply mascara for blue eyes

Curl lashes and coat them with mascara. You can experiment with the color ink that could really emphasize the color of your blue eyes. Blue mascara good alternative to black.

8.Monolid Eye Shape

With this form, the eyes, the first liner to keep as close to the lash line as possible, and then go for a thick, elongated wings. “It really helps to give the eye some of the definitions, shapes and lengths.” To create a clear line of Leary came Eyeliner Pencil with a liquid formula, Merlot Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner.

No matter what your eye shape, if you want your eyes to look like a doll or round Leary offers, “Keep the liner is thicker in the middle of the eyes, and short on the wing. This will create the illusion of the eye, which is more bent “.

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes Tutorial9.Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Here are some eye makeup techniques that can be used as for blue eyes.

Use water-proof and smudge-proof makeup.
Apply concealer on the entire area around the eyes for an even tone.
Use fingertips for applying the concealer.
To prevent any creasing, apply some loose powder.
Pick the eyeshadow color in three shades, i.e., light, medium, and dark.
Apply the dark shade along the tip of the eyelid, medium at the central portion, and the light shade below the eyebrow.
Blend the shades well so that it looks natural.
Apply the eyeliner next.
Complete the makeup by applying the mascara.
Do not overdo the makeup as it can dramatize the entire look.

Eye makeup Tutorial, Fresh green look using Inglot eye shadows10. Green Eye shadow

Depending on the shade of blue in your eyes, you can choose different shades of eye shadow for blue eyes. If your eyes are dark blue, you can wear both dark and light shades, but if your eyes are light in color, choose color, so the color of your eyes is not lost. The best color for blue eyes pink. All shades of pink look good and will display a blue color nicely. Also gray, silver, lavender, gray-brown, reddish-purple, purple and turquoise also do a good job highlighting the blue eyes. You can also try bronze and gold shades, if your skin tone is darker. Mint Green can also be used if your eyes are tinged with green in them.


Eye makeup tips for blue eyes, pretty eye makeup for blue eyes, smokey eye makeup for blue eyes1All of these levels can be complementary color of bronze and copper light. If you have tanned or dark skin tone, the bronze colors look hot. For evening wear try color shimmer eyeshadow or go for bold colors with metallic eye shadow.Big Eye Look with Big Eye Contact Lenses,Dolly Eye Ariale Blue

Are you ready to engage in activities in more colors? In the second part of a series of make-up tips for blue eyes, you’ll learn how to go beyond the neutral eyeshadow, find out what colors look best selection and composition of the palette working for you. Go there now.

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