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Givenchy Summer 2013 Croisiere Makeup Collection

Soon, you can grab a summer glow anytime you want with the new Givenchy Summer 2013 Collection Croisiere launch next month. We discussed this collection before, when I posted two articles with images from the event for the press launch of this collection, but then, even though we knew that the color of the history of promotional photos were missing.

Croisiere Makeup Collection

Givenchy Summer 2013 Croisiere Makeup Collection

Did you ever notice that the number of compliments that come your way when you return from a relaxing, sun-filled holiday? “You look great!” What if you could capture that post-holiday radiance and recreate it anytime? Now you can….

Inspired by the afterglow of a sunny getaway, Givenchy Croisière 2013 lets you recreate the warmth of summer, no matter the weather.

Givenchy Summer 2013 Croisiere Makeup Collection1

With caramelized, sun-kissed skin taking center stage, Givenchy’s Artistic Director for Makeup and Colours, Nicolas Degennes has created a limited-edition array of gem-inspired hues that add a hint of sparkle and a sensual pop of color to eyes, cheeks lips and nails and for the first time ever, completes the collection with a new, fresh, summery twist.


U.S. Launch Date – 1 May 2013

Japan Launch Date – 2 May 2013

Europe Launch Date – Available now at Givenchy counters

Enjoy the rest of this collection right after the jump.

Givenchy Summer 2013 Croisiere Collection

Le Rouge Croisiere – Limited Edition – £24.00


Balm Lip Gloss – Limited Edition

Natural Croisiere
Pink Croisiere

Nail Polish – £15.00

Croisiere Mat Orange – coral
Croisiere Purple

Noir Couture Waterproof Mascara – £22.50

Purple Velvet
Black Velvet

Reflet Precieux Satiny Body Enhancer – Limited Edition – £36.00 (120 ml)

We see it in on television, in magazines, on the red carpet…that coveted “I just got back from Bali” glow. It’s no secret that achieving this look via the sun has its risks, so Givenchy has come up with your best option yet.

Reflet Précieux is a sublimely silky body veil that’s infused with a bronzed-amber sheen. Once on the skin, it mimics the glow of the sun perfectly with heavenly shimmer that almost appears wet. The slim, go-everywhere bottle is perfect for tucking into your purse or beach bag because trust us, you won’t ever want to leave home without it!

Poudre Croisiere Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

Premiere Croisiere
Douce Croisiere
Ambre Croisiere
Extreme Croisiere

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