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Get Contemporary Classic Look With Beautiful Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an essential part of every woman’s beauty regimen. Applying eye makeup is really hard work, the first thing that must be considered to achieve the perfect eye makeup is the definition of an eye you want to see a selection of products perfect eye makeup is also a tough question.

Get Contemporary Classic Look With Beautiful Eye Makeup

Here are some eye makeup tips that will help you in the selection of eye makeup products, as well as the use of a beautiful eye makeup to get a modern classic look.

Get Contemporary Classic Look With Beautiful Eye Makeup1

Choosing and applying eye shadow

Eye shadow is used to highlight the eyes. These days, the shade is available in beautiful colors in the form of creams, powders and shiny dust. The shadow should be chosen in accordance with the base, time of day, the tone of your skin, your hair color, and, of course, the color of your eyes. Before you start applying eye shadow, it is best to apply foundation on the eyelids. This will allow you to apply eye shadow more smoothly, and to make it last longer. Apply eye shadow with a good quality brush and choose colors that go well with each other.

Applying eyeliner

Once you are done with the shadow, to define your eyes by applying eyeliner. Eyeliner be applied in a thin line as close as possible to the eyelashes as possible. Line of the upper and lower eyelids to get the best effect. White eyeliner helps improve the eye and makes them look wide and awake.

Application of Mascara

Applying mascara is one of the important steps of eye makeup, mascara, it helps to open your eyes, making them look lively and more. Take the first upper lashes, start at the base of eyelashes and slowly apply the mascara, and then come to the lower lashes. Hold the folded paper tissue under the lower lashes.

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