Fast & Easy Tips for Weight Loss

You have grown up a bit during the winter or when the life or a difficult period … Result: you do not feel good in your body, and the loss from February to March pounds would do you good. Doctissimo gives you some tips to lose weight without a hitch.Tips to Lose Weight, Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Tips to lose weight you can succeed in losing a few pounds to two conditions: change your eating habits and increase physical activity. If you do not practice any physical exercise today, it is not necessary to play sports , but a daily walk or swim a little each week can already do a lot.In fact this is one of the most rapid weight loss tips that the dieticians suggest to the people.

Attention !

If you need to lose five pounds or more , go to the doctor or dietitian , because you need regular monitoring.

Some of the principles

  • Give yourself time for at least a month to lose 2-3 pounds ;
  • Prevent cravings and fatigue ;
  • Well, stick to the rules established in the beginning;
  • Avoid vitamins and minerals ;
  • Do not use drugs or a special diet ;
  • Keep the maximum pleasure to eat.

The rules and stick to them

To change your diet should be moderately reduced calorie intake, which is the first of fats and sugars. Always observe good practices of food ( see ” Guide to good practice supply”) by adding a few simple rules.

  • Do not skip meals , especially breakfast , which must remain rich. Make a light dinner ;
  • Nothing to eat between meals . If you get hungry between meals , drink a large glass of water , coffee or tea without sugar. Drink before meals , and during the meal ;
  • Continue to eat starchy foods at each meal : pasta , rice, potatoes or bread. They provide a sense of fullness and provide the energy needed , as well as fiber. However, all that accompanies them is limited fatty sauces , butter, cheese , cream , etc. . Therefore consume these carbohydrates alone or with a sauce without sugar or fat ;
  • Remove sugary soft drinks;
  • Clear liquor and beer. You can continue to drink wine , especially red, limit yourself to one drink a day;
  • Avoid eating away from home, because it is more difficult to control your diet. The restaurant is sometimes possible , with friends more difficult … If you are making a meal with others, we should try to reduce the number and , in particular , will never serve you a plate ;
  • Choose lean meats and poultry without skin prefer , fish and shellfish ;
  • Beware of hidden fats : avoid all meat sauce , fat meat , casseroles fat milk , butter or cream, cheese and eggs, fried foods, cakes , candies and chocolates , ice cream , cakes and snacks ;
  • Eat vegetables at will and in all its forms: raw, cooked in the soup ;
  • Eat two pieces of fruit a day, but no more;

To choose the mode of cooking:

  • Meat on the grill or roasted ;
  • Fish: fried, baked or in the microwave or in foil ;
  • Vegetables: steamed, braised or microwave
  • Call condiments and sauces less fat as possible : Put a little oil , butter or cream , and then use lemon yogurt, bouillon cube and soy sauce, then season to taste with herbs and spices.

Determine first !

Respecting these nutritional rules to lose weight it’s good to know how to choose the least energy products. Therefore it is useful to know about the nutritional value of some common foods (see “discover the nutritional value of food “).

This is yet to be determined, and not to yield to temptation . The first week is often difficult , but the first pound lost reassuring! Nevertheless , small deviations permissible provided that they are exceptional. You have to find a balance , without falling into an obsession with food and disappointment. Otherwise, you may crack and put you to nibble on impulse, and then feel guilty , and you get to starve yourself , and so fall into a dead-end brand in relation to your weight loss goals !

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