Fall Winter Hair Style 2013-2014 Braids Waves and Ponytails

Hey Girls, as the temperature is low its time to get to know the top ten recent winter / autumn 2013-2014 hairstyle trends that go well with winter clothing. Every girl or woman like me, a desire to know the different hairstyles that can be easily done at home, without wasting time and money.PonyTail Horsetail Clip Wig pony tail wave horsetail hair short fluffy Horsetail

Here in this article I’ll let you know about current trends autumn winter fashion hairstyle to make styling easy for you.Hair Extension Wig clip hairpiece horsetail Stylish NEW style Long Curly Free shipping afro hair extensions

Fall / Winter Hair Fashion 2013-2014
PonyTail Horsetail Clip Wig In Hair Extensions pony tail curls horsetail hairHorsetail :

2010-2011 Fall / Winter hair fashion model will come across one of the most ponytail . Which is the star of the catwalk ponytail , with an air of innocent yet so sexy boy , but a provocative look at 2011 will add to the bride . Whether it scans your hair with your hands , do a simple ponytail , or taking a hand politely Connect your hair , or a voluminous ponytail with volume permissive use folds .Horsetail hair bending pony tail dark brown Free

Comfortable and stylish ponytail hairstyle is a pretty accurate when it comes to choice. But if you still use the model Horsetail be a little more careful . All contours of your face and flaws ( if any) that occurs to your face, you need to choose the model that suits a ponytail .


Knob 2014 Hairstyles Trends,10 trend setting wedding hairstyles for 2014 Looking for a new lookClassic and elegant finials 2010-2011 Autumn / Winter hair fashion of the ambitious . From romantic flirtatious knobs , knob until the desired dramatic noble than any model can apply this season.Knob Evening Hairstyles - 2014 new hairstyle

For more serious and elegant image of Yves Saint Laurent fashion show as used in the form of a large round the back of your head , you can use a tight bun .
As for romantic and bohemian look that frames your face loose bun would be a great choice . Yapılıv hastily as if standing in messy bun , giving the illusion that you prepare yourself without much hassle , it also creates an air of childlike and sexy .

If you are a crazy come more uses in Fendi fashion show knob can get inspiration from . Combining the tiny knob on the neck Twill Fendi bangs , hair blows in the air a ROCK’NROLL .

Fall and Winter 2014 Runway Braided HairstylesRetro:

Hairstyle combed backwards , without spending a lot of time creating the coolest and easiest way to sleek hair . Moreover, this hair model , hair fashion prominent in 2011 , with a ponytail and bun as models to combine the results will let you get quite stylish .

Taylor Swift and Erin Cummings Retro Hairstyle
If your hair is long and thick wire can easily use this model , you can also soften your facial features . You can get inspiration from the fashion show for this model . If you want your hair ridge as possible , if you want a little knob on the end of your slicked-back hair that ‘s planted , if you want to complete your look very chic with a hair band .Ashley Greene and Rachel Weisz Retro Hairstyle

These three hairstyles 2010-2011 Autumn / Winter hair fashion the most prominent models , though side braid , messy and BTE models , and your head on the top sited standing as high bun and soft waves combined with shabby hair again this season, often we see between models .

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