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Face Exercise for Healthy Skin Beauty

How the body for our health Exercise doing if we face for our little exercise in to do gerekir.yaşlan of avoid , placed face wrinkles at least to minimize , the acne way to destroy only the cream of the geçmiyor. good and healthy methods of facial exercises.The Best Facial Muscle Exercises To Stay Looking Young

The most important part of our body , the face , cosmetic care creams and makeup to cover the effects of aging to be spewed a method that results from the much more stable and clear , and facial gymnastics . Because the execution of the facial muscles , as delaying aging , aging skin, wrinkles on the opening . Iranians face and neck fitness expert Farida Hug, explains the benefits of facial gymnastics :A Complete Guide To Dry Skin Care,6 Creative Tips for Healthy Skin

Massage accelerates blood circulation

” Running in the region increases blood circulation , muscles are excited . The first noticeable change when viewed from the outside , increase blood circulation , resulting in the opening of the color of the skin and have stains and again if there is a reduction in acne . ”
Face and neck gymnastics on in France who have received training and 8 years, living in Turkey Hug, ” the muscles into action, the facial muscles, a significant hardening and skin stretching occurs. ” He says and continues : ” Naturally, the skin surface wrinkles and sagging are reduced , more vital and youthful appearance is obtained. ”
Whether you face forward motion
Applications that take half an hour per day with facial gymnastics , cosmetic surgery , make-up and without the need to care creams able to look young and beautiful .
Around the eyes : wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes is very susceptible to . With your index and middle fingers of both hands, grasp the back of the temple and pull gently close your eyes open . Also, keeping your eyebrows with your middle finger, lift it up and see below. These processes are repeated daily for 15 times in 10 seconds , swelling and wrinkles will be reduced.
Cheek muscles : Relaxation and lines to avoid the “U” and “X” letters too much to repeat and apple biting eating properly cheeks backward stretch for 10 seconds your neck stretched out and lower teeth upper lip to your değdirip leave and this process daily for 15 times again. Put your fist under the chin by making a fist and push up the east . In doing so, try to open your mouth at the same time . Putting your hand on your head to one side of your face , push your head at the same time try to stand against this push . After doing all these things from the bottom up and massage your neck with your hands .
Sagging Neck : Beds lie on your back on the bed in the corner , including the shoulders , so you can hang your head slowly let down . Then your head is parallel to the ground slowly upwards to remove it. Repeat this process 10 times at morning and evening of the.
Around the mouth : Lips letter ‘o’ when you say the turn they arrive , put your thumb under nose , lips , starting around the middle finger and the thumb is six to 10 times your massage.
Forehead wrinkles : With your index finger , draw a circle in the middle of your forehead , pretending massage.
These movements in the face and neck cream while taking care not to need to .

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