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How to Use Face Blush by All Types herds

To determine your face type your first priority , of course, if you do not know .
To do this, like in the photo on your forehead , sides , temples , chin and jaw bone to put a point on the end of your combine . Below I put 3 different graphic shape of your face so you can understand more comfortable .

Face Blush by All Types herds

Face Blush by All Types herds


Most of these types of facial make-up artist blush understand and how they have different views on the need to take . I so well : D

For example, in the middle of a round face so highlighter to the cheeks in a circular shape suggested a far cry No need to give or saw . Of course, that will not necessarily work . Do this especially if prominent cheekbones . However, prominent cheekbones, round face according to my mathematics is not pronounced cheekbones If the angle becomes more apparent on their faces .

Face Blush by All Types herds33


So blush and contour is also driven in parallel, if higlight evident in terms of a bone in that area that is emerging. So that continues to be the temporal bone from the angle coming down right in the middle of the face . So instead of copy I showed my own technique . Like to highlight cheekbones to highlight anywhere you want to continue enlightening neglect. For example, do you love prominent jaw . Apply highlighter on there . After this blog already for all face types will highlight and contour video .

Let us briefly summarize :


Face Blush by All Types herds
Oval faces or little below the cheekbone on
Square face and long straight, but not markedly oval, angular cheekbones c or u can take the form of round faces quite a vertical sliding and sliding in the bottom contour to do .

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