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Eye Makeup Tips to Accentuate Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul. This is what is usually said about the eyes . Beauty you got, and all will be visible in your eyes.

In fact, the very first things that we usually see eye. They have so much impact on people. Your eyes can tell a lot about you, your personality and your beauty. You can accentuate your eyes and make it as beautiful as ever.

All you have to do is follow the steps and you ‘ll have an eye that will really stand out.

Eye Makeup TipsEye Makeup Tips to Accentuate Your Eyes

Step 1/Prepare the area around the eyes

Always check the area around the eyes. You have to see if you have swollen, dry and dark circle. Puffiness can be treated with cold compresses may have about eight to ten minutes will do. Moisturizers and eye will do the trick cutting away dryness. You can decorate your eyes , applying concealer under and around the eyes. This should be enough to prepare your eyes.

Step 2.How to Decorate your EyebrowsHow to Decorate your Eyebrows

If you want to make amazing eyebrows , do not fall in the trap of fashion trends . But in fact, there are many ways to make your eyebrows are very different . You can set up your eyebrows according to the natural pattern of growth that you already have . Do not go for the sharp angular eyebrows. Rather than go for a gentle arch that will make you look gentle and caring . Use an eyebrow brush to smooth the hair with a dark – brown or black powder. Do not use eyebrow pencils , because they never look so natural at all. However, you can use them at night, that for a dramatic look you want.

Step 3.Learn your appropriate colorsLearn your appropriate colors

It is obvious that you do not use all the colors of the shadows at the same time . You have to be careful when you choose the right color for you . Be sure to use only two colors in the same color family . You may be allowed to use three for the night, but most of all, the two colors will do just fine. Darker colors are to be applied primarily on the lid will then be mixed up. Light colors are best suited for a subtle look on the brow bone and the outer area of ​​the eye. In addition, the complementary color can be used at night to be a natural shimmering look.

Step 4.How to Curl Your EyelashesHow to Curl Your Eyelashes

Curling lashes is probably the most surprising effect is added to the eyes. No matter if you have straight lashed out , nothing can beat curling lashes, in addition to the already beautiful view of your eyes. Make an eyelash curling as natural as possible . To do this, you need to use curler and squeeze tightly as you move forward from the base of lashes to the tips. Good curlers use the ones that will have a broader and broader base . Use those that are less likely to pull your lashes from which will make eyelashes thinner than it normally should .

Step 5.How To Apply Mascara Like a ProHow To Apply Mascara Like a Pro

Mascara is a great product that can be added , which is amazing shimmering look in your eyes , but only when it’s used properly . If not used properly, they will give you this awful look bright . Mascara can pinpoint your eyes and adds to the drama, as it looks. You must use the product of the length of the eyelashes, which would mean not only the base and not only at the ends . This is achieved through the use of it from the base to the ends. Spread the colors as much as possible , making cleaning a zigzag . It’s not even watch will surely make your eyes stand out.

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