Easy Steps To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Ever he had curly hair with an iron in the room, but never managed to do at home? Instead of going to a professional, you can now recreate this look by following these 12 easy steps. If you are not great on the first attempt, just keep practicing!

Easy Steps To Curl Your Hair

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These instructions will help you achieve curly hair beautifully with its plate without having to pay the price of living. These instructions apply to curly, wavy and straight hair types. For best results style, please follow the instructions for your hair type. If you are unsure of your hair type, you can download this chart hair type: http://shenevertells.com/?s=hair+type+chart


1. Hair must be at least shoulder in order to effectively curl hair with irons.
2. Do not wash the hair before styling hair directly. Hair produces natural oils that help to till last longer. When washing the hair, making it the night before you plan to curl your hair.
3. Do not straighten your hair before you begin. The curls will not hold.
4. measures to practice with a flat iron on the hair without heat to avoid burning hair is recommended.
5. If at any time you smell his hair burning, remove the flat iron and check that:
The hair is completely dry – a hot iron on damp hair will cause the hair to burn.
The temperature of the plate is not too high. If so, the necessary adjustments (see below for ideal temperatures).

Ideal temperatures:
curly hair = 380 to 430 °
wavy hair = 360-380 °
Straight hair = 200-360 °

WARNING: Flat iron containing extremely hot plates. The hair can burn if hot items are placed directly on wet hair or iron is set down for a very long time.

DANGER: Plates containing extremely hot plates. Direct contact with the skin can cause severe burns.

List of Materials and Equipment Needed


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1. Iron / ironing
2. Blow Dryer
3. Hairbrush
4. hair clips or headbands
5. Mirror
6. Heat guard hair serum (optional)
7. Hairspray

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