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Easy Bridal Makeup Tips Step By Step 2014

These are some of the easy tips to apply the make up on the bridal face Lets see how you can get it step by step.Do-it-Yourself Wedding Makeup Tips


BLUSH , gives the appearance of a happy face and skin vitality. Which maintains the balance between eye and lip color lipstick color to blend in with the color you choose to care .

  1. Smile and the highest point of your cheek blush creeps.

  2. Intense does not appear , to stand as a separate section in dribs and drabs colors and brush apply the excess blow .

  3. Face towards the outside , and light circular motion , continue with the application .

  4. Views to ensure the integrity of the brush tip of your nose , chin and forehead gently touch it to . * If the color is too dark or intense few lighter powder on your skin color and density decrease .


Easy Bridal Makeup Tips For RimelRimel

Rimel , the density of view , gives meaning and power . I would not look tired at a time , gives vitality. Chosen according to the characteristics of mascara , eyelash may extend , curl or you can give them volume . The choice is yours ! Regularly clean your mascara brush . Thus The residue remaining from previous use on your eyelashes will not create gunners . Implementing best to keep mascara lashes should be clean and dry . If you use contact lenses , mascara, do not forget to wear your contact lenses before riding .

  1. Start the application of the upper eyelashes . Ie bottom-up brush from roots to ends constantly turning the first floor crawl.

  2. Allow to dry your lashes , then apply the second layer .

  3. If you want to add volume to your lower lashes , brush hover horizontally on the bottom lashes . If you want them to look longer , hold the brush vertically paint eyelashes one by one .

  4. Lash eyelash brush and taken redundancy and separate from each other .

  5. If you infect mascara around the eyes during application and wait a few seconds with the help of a clean cotton swab .


How To Lighten Red Lips Naturally, Watch your lipstickLIPSTICK

Makeup is completing the final touches . A well-applied lipstick to portray your face instantly even if the brightness of your eyes is to highlight the power . Your choice of color to your taste , your clothing or fashion colors vary depending on the color of your lips form the filling into consideration if they bulundurmalısınız.dudak , matte lipstick in soft tones prefer. Thin, dark-colored gloss, lipstick use . Implementing appropriate color to your lipstick with a lip liner to your lips surround the middle towards the ends . Lip tip of your pen should be wide open .

  1. Fill the stylus on each side of your lip . Thus, to extend the life of your lipstick start erased when both appear lifeless lips .

  2. Now you can take your lipstick . App brush will get better results if you do .

  3. To increase the persistence after driving the first floor and second floor of the crawl more taken with tissue paper .

  4. Luminous look, right in the middle of a colorless lip gloss touch it .Stunning Real Wedding Makeup Looks

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