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Colorful Purple and Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial |8 Simple Eye makeup Tutorial

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here . I was a full-time infection , and the worst part was after her graduation in one eye , she started on the other ! I wash my brushes regularly and washed them all again and did not use anything on your eyes when first caught the eye , so if it happened on my head , I realized that I never sanitize my eye pencils and sharpeners .Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

So, using some antibacterial wipes , I wiped everything I wanted to use on the eyes, and I also threw some pencils, which I felt were too old . What’s even more frustrating is that my eyes can not cope with any eye drops , they are just too sensitive , and all I could do was to use a hot compress and wait it out. My eyes are better now, so I celebrate , making it look. Waterline has a little more sensitive , so that’s why I missed my exit on heavy if lined look, but it looked too bare , so I used a light touch of brown.Bright Eye Makeup, Face Chart, Graphic Eyeliner, MAC, mac makeup looks, Purple Eyeshadow, Red Eyeshadow, Runway Makeup

It really softens the look , it seriously is something new for me. If you prefer a closer look , then make a choice in favor of blacks. Priyadarshini commented on the previous lesson , and noted that she was looking for eye makeup look for “Lehenga which is basically a pink color with dark purple velvet and borders must Patty antique rust color work. ” So that’s my opinion on this matter . I hope you like it!Bright Eye Makeup, Face Chart, Graphic Eyeliner, MAC, mac makeup looks, Purple Eyeshadow, Red Eyeshadow, Runway Makeup1

Punk Eye Makeup Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1:

Prime or use a concealer or foundation , if you need to align your skin and make sure that your shadow last longer.

Step 2:

The first time I wet my flat synthetic brush with a spritz Fix + MAC, to make the brush just damp , but not wet , and took a rust color to it, applied it to the inner half of my eyelid and along the lower lash line . Water works great also , Fix +, although it has a texture that makes the eye shadow stick to the skin better . The reason I use saturated colors to get the desired pigmentation. If your color with a high pigment content , you do not need to use it in a wet state .

Step 3:

Taking a matte pink , I applied it on top of the lid.

Step 4:

Mix the colors Oh, and take a little bit of pink over rust , so that once a uniform color.

Step 5:

Taking just a hint of rust color , mix with the crease color and add a light gold as the underlying bone eyebrow.

Step 6:

I used purple almost the entire lower lash line , just leave a little rust shows in the inner corner .

Step 7:

Next, I used a brush accuracy, you can use the liner brush and it’s too wet . I took some of the bright colors of gold and used it as a liner on the upper lash line . You can create a wing as dramatic as you prefer, I decided to go with a very simple , small wing .

Step 8:

I used a black liquid liner , much thinner than gold. Then I applied a brown pencil on the lower waterline and a lot of the carcasses. I finished , clean the area around the eyes with some concealer and did my eyebrows using black powder and the look is done!

Thus, this complete view . I wanted to make a very simple , soft look . You can always add more shine to it , if you prefer a hard look party or use darker colors are more intense cat – eye liner , etc. I have used gold as a liner instead of following shade of rust, as the pink base will completely overshadow rust, but the gold on top of warm colors , stands out .

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Pink and Orange Happy Eyes Make-up TutorialI hope you all liked it, and especially Priyadarshini, I look forward to your feedback and sorry for being late with this, I wanted to do it much earlier, but as I said, my eye infection rendered me helpless.

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