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Beauty Tips and Celebrity Beauty Secrets of All Time (Part 1)

Expensive because they use head-turning beauty products and cosmetic surgery which we think is owed ​​to the fact that the beauty of the stars to the practical methods of care that they owe Did you know ? There are many beautiful and being beautiful as well as practical use to maintain this beauty beauty masks …Beauty Tips and Celebrity Beauty Secrets of All Time (Part 1)

Patricia Schaffer’s beauty elixir of grape seed

Models of the Runway Şebnem Scheaf is beautiful , beauty is owed to the yogurt and grape seed said.

Celebrity models each morning , and a teaspoon of yogurt mixed with a teaspoon grapeseed face drawn in progress.

Aydan Sener elixir of beauty tonic from parsley

Make-up unless you have to face that said the Doctor Months Since always in favor of natural methods .

From time to time various masks applied to the skin is the last choice Sener parsley skin mask . Artist parsley, boil water as a tonic face is in progress.

Pinar Altug ‘s beauty elixir lashes almond oil

Famous actors and server Pinar Altug eyelashes before you go to bed at night, almond oil is in progress. In addition, to maintain the freshness of the skin with rose water and cucumber shell of the ciliary mask making .

Seray Sever ‘s beauty elixir eggs and olive oil

Seray Sever The secret of the beauty of the skin of his mask at home .

The yellow of an egg lovers , genuine honey, olive oil and mix it with genuine face is in progress. Severe , sometimes apply almond oil instead of olive oil did not neglect to mention that .

Rose Beauty Elixir of Shadow

Each week offers two separate programs Pink Shadow, skin care and beauty of great importance . Plenty of carrots, fish , apples and eat yogurt that said the celebrity host speaks as follows : “I cleanse my skin for cosmetic products sold in stores do not like to use . I would prefer all about water . Also after removing my makeup on my face every day I’m plain ice slowly . It ‘s refreshing to me as well as my skin pores opening sağlayıp portrays . In addition, once a week I’m having cut my body to do . “Celebrities Beauty Secrets (Part 2)

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