Best 10 Beauty Products in the World

There are always specific beauty products, it made my heart restless. And let me tell you, it takes a lot of product in it. Call it what we have seen in the economy has done, or just the hype is all a miracle product that I do not know exactly what he says he is tired. These are products at Hats off (or wash my face)! Some are new, some not …….Top 10 Beauty Products

So here are my personal all time Top 10 fav beauty products.

1. Sebastian’s Potion 7

Call it a styling cream, a hair moisturizer,hand conditioner, cuticle saver….this amazingly moist cream saves my ‘colored to within a life of itself’ hair. And yes, I do think it’s better than the infamous Khiel’s Silk Groom. Richer, and a little goes a LONG way. You can apply on damp hair as a conditioner, dry hair has a texturizer, curl enhancer, dryness-flyaway zapper. And the best part, you can reapply with no stickiness or buildup, at a much cheaper price.Top 10 Beauty Products1

2. Loreal’s Quickstick Foundation

Lightweight, medium coverage, the “yes I look like this when I wake up’ look. I’ve died and gone to heaven. A small complaint on that it doesn’t last for 10 hours straight, but the stick format makes it easy to touch up on the go. Kudos to a Stick foundation at $12.00 that really works.

3. BeneTint by BeneFit Cosmetics

Ah,to be 13 again. From a bottle. Yes, it’s a bit tricky to play with, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll play every day. Healthy, cheeky flush that looks completely natural…..why aren’t they making these in more colors? Do my ‘all day glow’ by applying first, then your watered down foundation over…’ll ‘blush’ all day long, and it’ll look completely natural.Top 10 Beauty Products

4. Clinique ‘SuperFit Makeup‘

Thanks to New York, and the heat wave we had this summer, this seemingly simple foundation got my bows. ‘Superfit’ should read super stay. All day wear with no feel, no stickiness. Sold!

5. CiCi’s ‘White Lightening Shadow‘ Eye Pencil

Okay, call me a convert, and I’m praying the rumors of this company going under never happen. Want to feel hip? Trendy? This soft white pencil shimmers and glitters with the refinement of a soft winter’s day. Enough glitter to feel ‘with it’, but not enough to feel like an idiot at the age of 35..(not that I’M 35……)

6. Estee Lauder’s “Self Action Go Bronze” Tinted Self-Tanner for Face

Ah, Barbado’s in a bottle. You look warm, sunny, rested. Small irk is that it lasts only for a day or two, but for that sunny glow, I don’t mind.

7. Wet & Wild Lip Pencil 714 & M Professional LipLiner Pencil in Caramel.

Ah, you thought I was going to say W&W’s #666! Ha! #714 is alittle more plummy, and a cinch for the “I gotta get outta here fast!” makeup. A tie is Professional’s in a warmer brownie java color….

8. Lancome’s Aquacils Waterproof Mascara in Black.

Where have I been all my life? Wandering aimlessly from mascara to mascara….hoping a cheapie would work…when all along I could have……let’s not go there. My staple every day, every night..for fantastic “No I’m NOT wearing false eyelashes!” look all day long.

9. Jane Eye Zing in “#28-Rock Star”

Your basic boring sand-taupe eyeshadow.
But so perfect for defining the crease.
Looks great on everyone…..and for looking awake.

10. Aveda’s Love Oil

Ahhh, love is in the air………..scent wise. Talk about the only scent that I can literally breathe in without coughing, gagging, and choking from that excessive alcohol based fake fumes…..sorry, my little nose just can’t take it. Thank god for Love……..a pure scent that just calms me down, perks me up, and just overall makes me feel, well, ‘lovely’.


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