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Beauty and Care Lips

Many women have a wish of succulent lips and thickset lips that show their real beauty and make them more attractive but if we talk about some Hollywood stars they have been commissioned to make this kind of lips gentleman’s dream, but this thought is not always depend with reality.

Beauty and Care

Not only thin lips always look beautiful it depend on your face shape also. There are some tricks of makeup that help us how to applying it on our lips that they become thin or thick and attractive.

First of all get rid from cosmetic shades or dark mates as these emphasize the fineness of the lips. Use light colors like pearl or metallic gloss another important product of your daily use gloss shine this gives the shine to your lips. If your lip liner is expire then don’t use it because it gives a very artificial finish.

Protect your lips from sunscreen and the better idea for this applies wall conditioning bar lips also kept hydrate for more better result apply lipstick with a brush at the end always apply the gloss shine.

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