Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2013 for Collage Girls| 5 Beautiful Nail Art Tutorials

Nails enhance the beauty of your hand these are play main roll in your beauty. If face beauty necessary in the other hand nails also part of your beauty so care it.Beautiful and easy nail art for long nails

Different color of nail polish enhance its beauty you can bye different and beautiful nail polish color from market according to your desire and cloths for any event. Make your every celebration beautiful with different nail polish.Beautiful and easy nail art tutorials. 5 my favorite pics

Nail polish remover also available in market for remove old and spoil nail polish so take it in your beauty box so that you can change its color any time. Take care of nails use shiner for its beauty and clean it make shape according to fashion.Beautiful Girls Nails Art Designs Fashion

5 Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners With Pictures

Nail of the Day, Pink and Purple Rainbow Sparkles1.Alternate Colors

Variable nail polish colors on each finger or painting each finger a different color, is sure to attract attention . It is simple and requires very less effort.

Black and White Midnight Smoke Nail Art2. Using the effect of Lucky

There are several nail polishes are available on the effect of the market as Crackle effect, a Croc , magnetic effect , color change nail polish , etc. You can easily use them for quick and the other of the nail .

Pretty Nail Art Decals Half Wraps French Manicure Water Transfer Stickers3.Water stickers / nail sticker / nail wraps

There are a number of ready to use nail art designs are available in the market, as the water stickers, nail stickers and complete nail wraps . Instructions for use of these usually referred to them and was pretty easy for beginners.

6 Shockingly Simple Geometric Manis4. Arrange Manicure

This is the easiest and say the first step towards a free hand nail art design . Dots look simple and elegant. You can start by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers .

Floral and striped nails - Nail art5. Stripes Nail Art Design

The bands are very attractive on the nails. To create a band , you need a nail art pen mark or you can even create a band with a fine brush.

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