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Acai Berry Can Be The Perfect Ingredient For A Vitamin C Face Wash

We asked facialist to the stars , Joanna Vargas, New York – based why the Acai berry has gained enormous popularity among health-conscious . Vargas says , “Perhaps the explosive demand for this berry came after Oprah Winfrey welcomed him as a super -duper . Without a doubt, it mentioned it increased awareness of consumers and , therefore, it was not long before others, like myself, would like to add it to the as an ingredient in cosmetic products. ”

Acai Berry Can Be The Perfect Ingredient

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This point has been proven to be true, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine website , PubMed.gov said Asai are showing promise as an ingredient in skin care products .

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Additionally , natural and vegetable substances were tested with 90 – as ingredients in cosmetic products, including acai . Acai as an ingredient in these formulas have been found to be very useful as they oppose the cells against free radicals , making it the anti -aging.

This is because the acai have a high amount of antioxidants as vitamin C. This vitamin showed an increase in cell turnover and collagen production . Collagen production the key to maintaining youthful radiance and elasticity of your skin .

Also, with age, your skin is showing its age in the form of age spots, which is in essence sun damage Well, Fowler’s research in 2010 found the acai berry to be one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. This is due to high content of vitamin C have been many studies have shown that it is easier and refreshes .

Another powerful fact that I found in an article from the site DoctorOz.com: if you want to target the signs of aging skin with vitamin C for skin can be 20 times more effective than taking it orally. This brings us back to why some skin care products can and do produce the results you want.

One such product line is that Ms. Vargas , and in particular vitamin C on her face Washington This gentle face wash is a medley of fruit, which includes acai berries .

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Acai changes the aging process

This berry is a superfood that has great essential vitamins , minerals and fatty acids, thus promoting health and well-balanced skin. The addition of these fruits in your diet will regulate your immune system and neutralize free radicals , slowing the aging process.

How Acai reduce acne and oily skin

How Acai reduce acne and oily skin?

Acai is natural and potent anti-inflammatory that is used to treat acute symptoms of acne and other skin inflammation . When used as a topical solution , it penetrates into the pores to block future outbreaks and soothe the outbreak. An added bonus is that this berry controls sebum to maintain open pores for the clearest possible person .

The use of cosmetic products that has the right amount of vitamin C will help your skin fight against the ravages of environmental stress such as pollution , smoking and sun and , of course , no doubt, gives you a clear and youthful skin.

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