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A Guide to the Common Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an alternative treatment to promote overall wellness by manipulating the muscles & soft tissues using controlled movements of hands, fingers, forearms & elbows. This blog provides an overview of the most common types of massage.A Guide to the Common Types of Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage works to relieve stress & increase joint flexibility, focusing on superficial layers of muscle. There are four strokes commonly used in Swedish massage. These include tapotement or ride sliding & kneading, which comprises stirring or rolling movement. Friction or deep circular movements that cause tissue layers rub against each other, is also used. The final touch participating in the Swedish massage is effleurage, during which the therapist makes short, alternating taps with his or her fingers, brush the edges or folded hands.A Guide to the Common Types of Massage Therapy1

Deep tissue massage

Another common method of massage is a deep tissue massage in which the slow, controlled strokes are concentrated along the muscles, tendons & other deep tissue. It is used to alleviate tension & reduce pain in the muscles.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a popular treatment that uses rhythmic pressure along specific points of acupressure meridians or to the proper flow of Qui-natural energy of the body. Each pressure point is, as a rule, are intended to 7:58 seconds to unblock energy channels of the body & help restore both physical & emotional balance.A Guide to the Common Types of Massage Therapy2

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is similar to shiatsu massage, as it focuses on acupressure points to promote a balanced level of energy & stimulate your body’s own natural healing abilities. This massage technique can include the stones remained in place temporarily or used as massage tools themselves. In addition to opening up your body’s energy channels, the heat transferred from the stones helps to calm & relax the muscles in your body, tendons & other soft tissues.

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