6 Amazing Eye Liner Looks and Classic Black Winged Liner

I recently went to a wedding and decided to make a kind of Hollywood glamor look with winged liner teamed up with my favorite red Lippy at the moment, which is the number 7 “Love is Red”, but more on that later.How To Do Winged Eyeliner or Cat-Eye Liner

For eye shadow, I went to the shimmering beige on the lid with the contour of the mid to dark brown on my socket line, and then the classic black winged liner gel topped with my favorite Ardell Demi Wispie lashes.6 Amazing Eye Liner Looks and Classic Black Winged Liner

Perfect Winged Liner in 6 easy steps:

Winged liner can be a tricky one but here are a few tips to master it:

  1. Use a smooth gel liner such as Maybelline black eyeliner gel liner and a good brush or angle brush. Inglot liner brush is my favorite.
  2. Tracing the line by three-quarters of your lashline, do not worry if it does not you can clean it up later .
  3. With open eyes , Draw your line on the inside of the eye.
  4. Plan at the end of the film , stretching from your lower lashline and pointing to the end of your eyebrow . Open your eyes to see where you put the film on one side , then , looking directly into the mirror to follow on the other side . If you make a mistake , use a pointed cotton swab dipped in a non-greasy eye makeup remover to clean the lines on each side.
  • Bring the line back in from the edge of the film to meet the thickest part of your liner and smooth out the lines with a black shadow on the angle of the brush if you want it to look nice and even .
  • Apply mascara and false eyelashes to really elongated eyes and add a ” cat’s eye ” effect.

Helpful hint: If you find it really difficult to get accommodation liner conformity on each side, use a flesh-colored eyeliner (Rimmel is now doing a great one) , to trace the line until you are sure that they are well on each side, then follow for a black liner for even clicking on both sides!

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