5 Homemade Masks to Solve All Your Worst Skin Woes

You hear over and over again that good skin care is the key to control breakouts. If you do not, here’s a tip: it’s there. Whether you have a problem with oily skin or dry spots, you can keep it under control with a skin care regimen that caters to your specific needs.Solve Your Most Annoying Skin Problems with These Household Concoctions

You are bombarded daily with a new miracle product that claims to work, not knowing what he was doing. It’s easy to throw your hard earned money out the window trying to one or the other. So here’s a second piece of advice: try the homemade mask in the first place. Not only do you know the ingredients you use, and you can be sure your carbon footprint is light, you can also discover the forces of nature – on the cheap. Check out some of the common problems of the skin below, and then head to your grocer to try to fix it. Oh, and check with your dermatologist first if you have sensitive skin ultra.Homemade Masks to Solve All Your Worst Skin Woes

Uneven skin tone

Sun fans will definitely want this mask in their arsenal. If you’ve spent even a couple of summer at the beach, you are a serious risk for sun spots, hyperpigmentation or otherwise uneven skin tone. You only need two ingredients: ripe papaya and honey. Blend together two tablespoons of honey and half a cup of papaya. (Feel free to mix with the remaining ice cream and eat it too – gorgeous!) As for the mask, the spread honey mixture on your face, leave it there for 15 minutes, then rinse. Follow up with a moisturizer. Use of once a week.

Blemishes (Acne)

If you have pimples or redness caused by spots, you have to give the green tea mask shot. Green tea has so many benefits, removing redness and closing up the pores of a few. You can also see the swelling is reduced, and, over time, reap rewards rejuvenating. What you’ll need at least two green tea bags, a tablespoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Cool bags in water for one hour. Make sure the tea has cooled, remove the bags and add sugar and lemon. Massage on face and leave on for 15 minutes with cool water to close the pores.

Oil Overload

The name says it all. You know, when your face is in whole or in part, reflects the signs of too much oil. Wet appearance, enlarged pores and make-up that works all the signs. Using a mask with oatmeal can help. It not only absorbs oil, it works for both exfoliate the skin, too. To combat its drying qualities of honey to hit. You basically just need to create a paste that will stay on your face. Since the number of flexible. Start small, add honey gradually until it resembles that household things from kindergarten. Put it on your face and let it dry. Rinse with warm, wet towel.

Dull Texture

Dull textures comes from the lack of moisture and / or accumulation of dry skin cells cling to the surface of your face. You may not even know your texture boring. But if you find yourself always looking for the perfect foundation to brighten your complexion or climb into the fixtures, chances are you are suffering from dullness. Fortunately, it’s fixable without makeup. Simple banana mask will do the trick. Bananas have this amazing double benefit, which exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Your complexion is bright and flexible as a result. Simply mash a banana and put it on your face for 10 or 15 minutes. Feel free to add a tablespoon of honey for extra moisture, or a shot of orange juice for extra antioxidants.

No Major Skin Issues

We could not leave the girl, healthy skin does not leave them laying awake at night. You know who you are. The spots rarely, the skin looks good, the birds are singing in the sky constantly. Here is a mask that leaves the normal skin glowing and fresh. Or a mixture of half a cup of mashed strawberries with cornstarch one quarter cup. Avoid the eye area with berry juice can sting. Starch and fruit peels with natural fruit acids that help prevent accidental defects you find yourself with.

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