5 Easy Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas 2013-2014

While you were at home eating fun sized candy at the end of last week , celebrities were in full force with the spirit of Halloween.Alessandra ambrosio halloween costumes

Fortunately for us plebs , they flocked to Instagram to share photos of their perfect costume before you get to the city during the night.Last night, a bash for the spooky holiday was held in Beverly Hills, and plenty of the rich and famous came out with some great costume ideas.

If you’re like us , you woke up to Kim Miley Cyrus costume epic Lil ‘ and immediately felt ashamed about $ 23 cat costume you’re thrown together at the last minute. But Miley is not the only celebrity , earning top honors in the costume department. In fact, we’d say it was a pretty big year across the board. From Alexa Chung as the Hamburglar Hugh Hefner , as Robin Thicke , see 16 of our favorite looks from our favorite day of the year .Last night, a bash for the spooky holiday was held in Beverly Hills, and plenty of the rich and famous came out with some great costume ideas.1

Check out BackstageOL’s Top 5 Celebrity Halloween Costumes for 2013:

Paris Hilton also struts the now-famous Miley Cyrus bear-outfit,miley cyrus costumes for halloween1. Hugh Hefner and Wife Crystal Harris dress up as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus.With a new look, a return to the music, and controversial career moves, 2013 was a great year for Miley Cyrus, making it one of the go-to choice for the timely Halloween costume.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel as Elvira and Riff Raff2.Fergie and Josh Duhamel Celebrities’ Halloween 2013 Costumes Pictures.Yikes! A new mother Fergie let it all hang out when she’s dressed as Elvira, with her husband Josh and her bald minions to Kate Hudson’s Halloween in Santa Monica, Calif.

Slash and Perla went all out with their makeup with the Guns N' Roses rocker adding a slit neck3. Slash and his wife Perla nailed it in the costume stakes yet again as scary zombies as they headed out for a Halloween party in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Sandra Bullock and her 3-year-old son step out in adorable skeleton costumes this year

Kristin Chenoweth and Jake Pavelka lose Slash and wife Perla Scary make up.The heat is on hand and thriving, with less than a week before Halloween.

Saturday night saw half of Hollywood in its worst and most sexy , and is a leader in the non- competition pair were, of course , Slash and Perla and Kristin Chenoweth and Jake Pavelka.

Guns N ‘Roses star and his wife went all out with the creepy factor inclusion terrifying zombie make-up , while the blonde singer and her reality star boy toy represented various real and imaginary hands of law enforcement.

With Shenae as Poison Ivy, husband Josh went as another of Batman's rivals, The Joker, channelling Heath Ledger's version of the baddie in 2008's The Dark Knight4. Shenae Grimes slips into tight Poison Ivy bodysuit to join her Joker husband at Halloween party. Sexy Shenae Grimes dressed as Poison Ivy for the Midori Halloween party at Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood on Tuesday evening. Shenae Grimes and husband Josh Beech are both dressed as sworn enemies of the Caped Crusader on the Midori Green Halloween party at a nightclub Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

90210 star sizzled in sexy , tight dress Poison Ivy entwined with greenery around one of her black thigh-high boots . 24 -year-old eyes were drawn to the exotic shades of yellow and brown under her mask and she wore a winged flowing, waist red wig .

Music Model Josh , 27, looked clearly awful as the Joker , Heath Ledger version of the directing of a villain in the nurse’s outfit from 2008 is The Dark Knight.

Lauren Conrad and her fiance William Tell were unintimidating as a fairy and a doctor at Matthew Morrison's Halloween party5.Lauren Conrad and her fiance William Tell were unintimidating as a fairy and a doctor at Matthew Morrison’s Halloween party at Warwick Nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday. The couple bravely made their way through the treacherous sidewalks featuring yucky puddles.

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