5 Cuts to Score the Best Hair Ever

Sometimes, you got to work with what you got. The same holds true for hair. Find out which style best suits your hair type, and you can bid farewell to bad hair days.

Best Hair Ever

1 Golden Blonde

golden blonde hair

Shade Natalie Portman golden honey
What makes it HOT LA colorist Tracey Cunningham gave us the inside scoop on a new shade of hair Black Swan star. “I used Redken Blonde Dimensions which gave her hair is beautiful, multi-dimensional, golden honey blonde color,” Cunningham said InStyle.com. “This look is perfect for the winter months!”
WHO is working with “This shade will work for those looking for a natural multi-dimensional golden blonde,” Cunningham told us. “But if you do not naturally blonde to be 100% sure, ready to take the plunge.

2 For coarse hair

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Best Cut: Often unruly, coarse hair does not forbid you flaunting bushy hair. Try a sleek, finished Bob la Tyra Banks.

Get the Look: To achieve the polished look of banks, you need to focus on how you style this cut. Shackleton offers to wash your hair only once every few days because the coarse threads can be very dry. After drying the hair with a round, large brush barrel with vents, straighten it in one-inch sections with a flat iron set to 425 degrees. On the second and third day, add a little glitter or lipstick and quickly straighten from root to tip. “It will transform your course brittle hair into a luxurious sexy look,” says Shackleton.

3 Jennifer Lawrence’S Shadow Midnight Black

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

What makes it HOT Jennifer Lawrence returned to the dark side with the raven locks. To get her shiny black mane, the state regularly with great care.
WHO is working for medium to dark skin tones and dark hair wearing a stylish, without fail. While lighting the skin tone will be pleased to oppose giving women a milky skin tone quality. If you’re afraid that it’s too intense, try lighting points framing the face.

4 Salma Hayek For straight coarse hair

Salma Hayek Hairstyles

Best Cut: Coarse hair can get a full and difficult, if cut to the same length. If you know what we’re talking about, steal page Stylebook Salma Hayek.

Get the Look: blunt cut risks becoming a triangular design with a lot of hair on the bottom. Being overweight can also cause your hair to fall flat. Name, the reduction should include a variety of backgrounds and have a textured hair stylist to remove some of the bulk, which is due to the coarse nature of your threads, said Ong.

5 Brunette with Copper Undertones

Ashley Greene Hairstyles

Ashley Greene ‘S Shadow Brunette with ribbons of copper and auburn
What makes it HOTCoppery red shades will give a creamy skin, giving a subtle yet dimensional pop of color.
WHO is working on natural brunettes have the most success by pulling off this shade. But, do not let the previously rich copper woven turn. Fuel hair once a month for a glossy finish.

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