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45 short and cheap Beauty Tips for Girls & Easy and Quick Beauty Shortcut

That women are ready for anything and everything when it comes to beauty, we all know well. But each of us a little and again fails to surprise some bizarre ideas come to you in order to be rejuvenated, sunny by lost weight … But is commendable that in spite of chemical products that promise instant results, modern women mostly prefer shenanigans from home,45 short and cheap Beauty Tips.Beauty Tips for Girls.
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If you’d rather hit snooze one more time than get up and get ready, we’ve got 45 easy ways to always look good before heading out the door. Most recent British study revealed that beauty routines often resort to women. 45 short and cheap Beauty Tips,Bome them skated fifty and see.

45 short and cheap Beauty Tips


first Cucumbers on the eyes for refreshments.
2nd Two liters of water a day.
3rd Toothpaste on acne.
4th Cold, wet tea bags on tired eyes.
6th Sleeping in socks after applying the moisturizer – for soft feet.
7th Pinch the cheeks for a natural flushed.
8th Leg shaving balm for hair.
9th Lemon juice for hair strands.
10th Drinking a lot of milk.
11th Toothpaste in places insect bites healing is
12th Keeping nail polish in the fridge that would solidify
13th Baking soda to whiten teeth.
14th Vaseline on eyebrows for durability.
15th Rouge on the cheeks blush when you run out.
16th Final rinse hair in vinegar for shine.
17th Spray hair brushes perfume.
18th Fish pedicure for smooth feet.
19th Cold spoon to reduce eye puffiness.
20th Honey is an excellent face mask.
21st Super glue is a lifeline for the broken nail.
22nd Mating face over the pot with water and herbs.
23rd Vaseline smoothes frizzy hair.
24th Heat the eyelash curler before using.
25th Sleeping on the back of the face does not wrinkle.
26th Adding sugar to each pilling.
27th Rinsing hair with beer.
28th Hot iron curls hair.
29th Lemon juice bleaches the nail tips.
30th Eyeliner and eyebrows and lipsticks are kept in the refrigerator.
31st Pouring skin bathing in milk.
32 Application whipped eggs on the hair for shine.
33 Toothpaste will remove stains from the means of self-tanning with palms.
34th Mix a drop of serum with the surface of the skin glow.
35th Light facial massage ice cubes will reduce wrinkles and fatigue.
36th Mascara can best strengthen with cold air from a hair dryer.
37th Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces wrinkles.
38th Ketchup on hair changing hair color.
39th Pumpkin and coconut oil contributes to color stability.
40th Coffee as a body scrub wins cellulite.
41 Mash avocado and use it as a body scrub.
42 Apply a cold shower for the current larger breasts.
43 Cranberry juice will enhance shine and enhance color.
44th Brewer’s yeast mixed with water bleach facial hair.
45th Spritz lemonade on damp hair for a consistent cut.

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