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20 Tips Every Bride Should Know When Applying Her Own Makeup

It is important to feel good on your wedding day, but it’s hard to do when you’re wearing a thick layer of powder and seven layers of mascara.Arabic Bridal Makeup 2013

Fortunately, says makeup artist Jeffrey Tasker, it does not take much to create a stunning yet natural-looking wedding makeup. “More is not necessarily better,” he says. Read his advice to enhance the natural beauty of the bride – do not overdo it.Arab Amazing Makeup

Get gorgeous and avoid wedding-day disasters with these 20 amazing makeup and beauty tips!

20 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Marriage day make up, Natural Bridal Make Up1.Wedding day make-up lesson Chanel:

Chanel classic style and make-up instruction in this video useful. I think it makes a great way to start our quest for the perfect makeup for a perfect day.

What To Do Before Your Wedding Day2.Make your wedding day the Before and After:

This video shows you some really great pictures of before and after the wedding makeup, so that you can have a clear plan for the look you want for your big day.

Bridal Makeover 2013, Bridal Perfect Natural Base Makeup Natural Bridal Make Up, Bridal Base Makeover3.Sexy Bridal Makeover!:

This tutorial by Beauty Cast even shows a surefire way to apply false eyelashes — there’s one great mystery solved!

Natural Bridal Make Up, Wedding Day Beauty Tips4.MAC Makeup Tutorial for Wedding Look:

Here is another great tutorial with ideas about choosing a wedding look that is well suited to your personal style.

Natural Bridal Make Up, Bridal Make up5.Do It Yourself Bridal Make-up:

If you’re not one to hire outside help, these tips will help you create the perfect make-up that you can do yourself. Be bold!

Tips Every Bride Should Know When Applying Her Own Makeup ... like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner6.The wedding day makeup tips for brides :

This is a great post with some wedding day advice on what concealer to use, to how to use color ink. Be prepared in advance and avoid last minute panic.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips7.Tips for long-Wedding Makeup:

Use these wonderful tips to make your makeup, and your face is kept fresh even after a few hours on the dance floor with her new husband.

8.How to add finishing touches to the Non-Traditional Wedding Make-up:

This is where your creativity comes into play. Work Your Magic, and show your fun, sexy side to make your wedding day.

Wedding Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know9.Summer Makeup Tips for Brides:

Since most weddings occur in or around the summer, use these makeup tips to match the season (think fresh summer glow).

10.Airbrush Makeup for a more lasting:

Here’s a wide range of tips from the Top Blog of planning a wedding. I love the one about the use of airbrushing. So useful!

Your wedding day is the time to be in the spotlight, so don't let your makeup11.Painting Tutorial Wedding Make-up:

This is a great blog with very detailed pictures that show how to get a great look make-up wedding.

Get gorgeous and avoid wedding-day disaster with these 20 amazing makeup and beauty tips for any bride12.Makeup for Indian wedding:

Here’s a great instruction to achieve flawless makeup on your special day!

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know Get gorgeous and avoid wedding-day disasters with these 20 amazing makeup and beauty tips!13.Applying Foundation for Wedding Day Makeup:

This is the most important part of making your wedding a look at how your foundation color can make or break you. Avoid the dreaded line of demarcation along the jaw.

14.How to choose makeup colors for your wedding:

the right color makeup is the right color for you. Let this link will be your guide.

15.How to work with make-up artist Wedding:

You’re probably at a loss on how to even start looking for wedding make-up artist, but this how-to will give you some great guidelines to help you make the right choice.

16.How to adapt the makeup to suit your wedding:

This practical guide shows how to carefully choose the style of makeup that is right for you. Beautiful!

17.Do-It-Yourself Celeb Wedding Make-up:

Who does not want to look even better than the celebrities on their wedding day? It’s your time to shine, and this blog gives tips on how to give Katherine Heigl a run for her money.

18.Wedding Beauty Tips From the Golden Globes:

You’ll be walking down the aisle is more important than any red carpet, but these tips celebrities can still help you make your wedding as glam as possible!

19.Exotic Bridal Makeup:

This is a very accurate guide that will show you the final make-up looks at the side of his face, along with demonstrations that show how to get a view of the other. Confidence!

20.Carrie Underwood Inspired Wedding Look:

Carrie Underwood eclipse! Elegant, innocent and Tres chic.

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