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10 Tips for Staying on the Weight Loss Train over Christmas

Let’s face it , it can be quite difficult to lose weight during the silly season. Most of us wait until we ate and drank too much, then , clutching our morbidly excessive fullness , vow to lose weight as soon as the new year rolls over. But it does not have to be that way.Weight Loss Tips for Christmas Weight Loss Tips for Christmas1

If you’re already on the train , weight loss, do not have an extended stop in revelry before returning on board. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you in the festive season relatively whole – regardless of whether you lose weight by watching calories or just want to enjoy the season without remorse …Who wants to fit into a jean size smaller for christmas

Top 10 Tips for Staying on the Weight Loss Train over Christmas

Tip 1: Drink plenty of water throughout the day : Keeping hydrated is important , of course , but sometimes we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty, and the water can really fill us up and help you avoid those cravings. So have a drink !

Tip 2: Do not get too close to the food: If you’re going to a variety of functions at this time of year , try and stay away from the food table if you find nibbles too attractive. If you’re sitting right in front of him, you might find yourself ” mindlessly eat ,” completely in the dark about how much you are actually a lot. Plus … standing and talking burns more calories than sitting or otherwise as to blend blend blend.

Tip 3: continue to train : If you keep the activity on the eve of Christmas and the holidays, it will not be as hard in the New Year to get back to normal . So keep your workouts , and if you’re short of time ( as is everything in this time of year ) , you can still do a lot of work for 30 minutes.

Tip 4: Do not pay attention to the saboteur : This could be an additional hard this time of year with people pressure you , because “it’s Christmas,” they might say, “just a little ” or ” It will not matter . But if weight loss is important to you, stay strong . Sometimes people make comments to justify their own lack of self control . so, do not let others sabotage your efforts on the fantastic weight loss, you can do it.

Tip 5 : Do not skip breakfast: Breakfast is super important because it is the first chance you get to re- fuel after a long time of fasting. This will set your metabolism cranking for the rest of the day and avoid the middle of the day of the accident , if you’re having Christmas drinks and around a lot of attractive high-calorie goodies. Food – in the morning is better than nothing at all – so if you are not able to digest a bowl of cereal or some eggs , try a piece of fruit.

Tip 6: Do something active with your family at Christmas : Play a game of cricket, swimming, or go for a walk. You’ll feel a lot better and more energetic.
Tip 7: Be creative with the remnants of Christmas: You can do a lot of really healthy foods with residues of meat , seafood and vegetables. ( Think of wraps, salads , omelets , etc.). As for the candy and cakes, if you know it’s too hard to keep them in the closet , give them or throw them out!

Tip 8 : brush up on your goals: Remind yourself that your goals, be specific and visualize what you want. Write them down and put them somewhere to keep you on track so you do not forget that you are working towards . You do not have to wait until the New Year , do not start now .

Tip 9 : Drink water between alcoholic drinks : It’s easy to calculate how many drinks you’ve had and how many calories , if you drink one after the other.

Tip 10: more tips to avoid overeating at Christmas : no mint or brush your teeth , cover the food with a napkin ( Lots of peppers ) , eat slowly and drink plenty of water, wait 20 minutes and see if you still want more, go out and distract yourself (maybe talk to Nunn or play with the kids ) .

Finally , Christmas is about more than just food ! It’s about spending time with his family and loved ones. So enjoy every moment of it … and Merry Christmas !

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