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10 Super Effective Ways To How To Get Smooth Hair| How to Have Healthy, Shiny Silky Hair

Smooth , shiny hair is one of the simplest and most attractive areas of beauty. If the hair research, they lifeless mass of keratin, produced at different levels in different age groups. Damage and stupidity reflects poor nutrition , poor service , stress, or sleep late . Here are some good tips for dealing with hair breakage .How you can make your hair feel Soft and Silky Hair

1.With a hot iron

Tools such as hot irons and brushes can make hair look good in the short term , but the inner hair moisture is lost . This dryness can lead to a drastic hair breakage . One good tip for the use of these irons is that they should be applied in strategic places , not only over the entire surface of the head. Similarly, less than one inch irons are much better than the hot rollers as well.

2.The right blow-drying

Famous stars like Gwyneth Palthrow also have a bad hair day , the decision for it to start in the morning. Blow drying in the morning can give a bounce to the hair easily. This useful tool can give a bounce , flat, or straight hair easily. One of the latest addition to the product to dry hair lotion which keeps your hair from damage from excessive drying .

3.The right hair products

Corrosive chemicals are often not the answer to sensitive hair . Even the most popular brands often contain these , so try a small copy of the famous brands to reach their favorite . Similarly, hair serums are good hair products to restore hair moisture instantly as well.

4.Clip Extensions

Good hair extensions are your friends , almost every star is using them these days. At the beginning of good and economical way to have hair extensions to buy some threads on the clips. Similar to match hair color is important for hair extensions also . Another good tip for this is to add extensions that make you look natural , and then revenge afro.

5.Periodic mowing

There are several good ways to spend in the salon is like having a manicure , french nail and massage to try them out from time to time, and then her hair every two weeks. This reduces the length and growth of hair, this can be shown . Pruning is one good way to define a haircut without causing a short length.

6.Keratin Treatment Recovery

If you have long hair they need to catch up on keratin to retain their luster . Fortunately , there is a good treatment for replacing keratin, which may increase the levels of this essential component of hair. The good thing about this is that there are some products that can be used at home after a brief instructions are fairly easy to achieve this.

7.Diet and disadvantages

Hair is often the first victim of the diet. It’s an unnatural way to stop to eat some type of food can lead to permanent damage , and gain the weight back once you stop it. If you press hard to go on a drastic diet include some supplements and vitamins to stay healthy functioning level .

8.Drug side-effects

There are many drugs with high potency, which cause hair loss. These include cancer, birth control, and many others. If your medication is the cause of this change can be quite sudden. Pay attention to these changes before a lot of damage . One good thing about hair loss with chemotherapy , the hair back after the treatment , so there’s no reason to stop the medication because hair loss only .

9.Stress and blood pressure

Blood pressure often occurs because of too much weight , or having a busy lifestyle . This adds to the problems that can occur with the release of the stress hormone cortisol . This body fluid may begin to thin out the hair directly. The best way to do so is with a short break in the saturation stress and having a good head massage.

Why not try something different with your hair10.Why not try something different with your hair?

Whether it’s that new sharp doing fringe or new accessories come in different styles. You never know. Style do you think you’ll look ridiculous can actually look amazing on you. Good luck with your hair!

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