10 Natural Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

Long shiny hair crown for every woman.  Short hair can be, but the long hair is evergreen. Our women were proud of the past in the care of her long hair. Much time and effort has been given to the washing, nutritious, combing and styling them. In today’s scenario, we have time to take care of our hair and grow their enviable length? We all dream to have beautiful hair, but the million dollar question, as we have such hair. Here are 10 tips for long and healthy hair:

Long And Healthy Hair

10 Natural Tips For Long And Healthy Hair1

1) Maintain a healthy diet: All efforts will come to naught if you do not eat a well balanced diet. It is important to get the daily proportion of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and iron. Enriched diet results in shiny, healthy and long hair. There’s no substitute for that.

2) Drink plenty of water: Water will moisturize the scalp thus preventing dryness and dandruff. Water intake cleanses the digestive system and promotes hair without problems. The ancient practice of yoga involves drinking a liter of water on an empty stomach early in the morning, and it was sick, thus removing all the toxins from the body. Do this every day, not just for good hair, but also for supple skin and a healthy body.

3) Exercise: Daily exercise boosts the immune system and promotes hair growth. Lethargic body and mind can not expect much. Yogic asanas such as Halasana or plow pose is very effective. This inverted posture rushes of blood to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. The result would be beyond your dreams.

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4) Correct combing or brushing: Do not over do combing hair. This will damage the filaments resulting in dryness and split ends. Cleaning should be done carefully, opening the matted hair with his hands. It is important to use a good quality comb or brush hair, which does not irritate the scalp. Thin, soft bristles are best.

5) Avoid chemicals that go natural: Currently, Re-connection and isolation are changes in the trend. But do you know what harm these chemicals to your hair! Stick to natural products that protect the PH balance of the scalp, as well as to make you look good. Trust me, you could look hip with herbal therapy.

6) Avoid extreme temperatures: Excessive heat or cold can harm your hair. Common hair dryer is not your best friend. You will not be able to refuse, but the minimal use can solve this problem.

7) regular massage oil: It may sound like a fairy grandmother, but the hot oil massage can do wonders for the poor or damaged hair. Olive oil is an effective and so is the vitamin E oil. But what tops the list is the sweet almond oil or castor oil. 2 Mixing may also help. Blood rushes to nourish the hair follicles, resulting in thick and long hair.

8) Monthly finish: Trimming your hair may seem that some of the less hair, but it actually helps in growth. It removes the split ends making the hair look clean and even. Dramatically just one inch from the base should be enough. If you do not want to cut your hair, then there are ways to remove only the split ends only.

9) Effective irrigation: Do not overdo it a little shampoo. It makes the hair frizzy and dull. Proper washing means using the right amount of shampoo, repeat it no more than twice, if hair is oily. It is important to wash the hair properly, so that no shampoo remains. Do not forget to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. This will smooth out frizzy ends and add shine.

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10) Cleanliness and hygiene: It is very important that one maintains a clean and hygienic culture. If you have dandruff, then visit a dermatologist. If neglected, it can develop into other diseases of the hair leads to hair loss and baldness.

So do not worry. A little time and care can give you the hair you want. It is important that you do the right things on a regular basis. Negligence can be fatal. Positive attitude and thoughts above tips can ensure your crowning glory.

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