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10 Most Popular Homemade Fruit Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Masks are a natural beauty care products that help to rejuvenate the dead skin cells and increase blood circulation. There are different types of face masks, which can be bought from the shops of beauty. It can also be done at home using fruits and vegetables. Those packets should be used according to individual skin type.Best Homemade Face Pack for Monsoon

Face masks used for oily skin is different from the package used on dry skin and normal skin. Most people use home-made packages, as it can be easily obtained by using simple techniques and ingredients. Home packages are safe to use and quite effective. This rarely leads to any type of side effects as it is made from natural products.Simple preparation process of Veg Face Packs

1. Problems like the eyes become red , his face becomes pale glow without the saw during the summer season. Then, to solve this problem , place the potatoes into thin slices and place them over your eyes and forehead , so that the eye becomes cool and fresh. The remaining half of the potato should be made to a paste and blended with honey and be applied to the face as a mask. After a while , this package should be washed with cold water , and it gives a cool effect on the face and the eyes and makes the skin and face without oil.

2. Cucumber is the best solution for oil cloth , and it should be good ground and separated from the juice. Then mix 1/4th teaspoon lime juice and one teaspoon of rose water and place it in the fridge for half an hour. Apply this pack on your face twice a day and wash your face with cold water. This cooling package gives relief to the skin and makes the skin look fresh .

3. Cabbage leaves should be separated from the flowers and made into a paste and juice should be separated from the pulp . Add one teaspoon of flour and one teaspoon of honey to the juice and to use on the face as a mask and wash it after a few minutes in cold water. This package makes the skin glow by removing the dirt on the skin.

4. Radish be made ​​into a paste and juice must be separated from it. Add 2 teaspoons of curd and apply this package to your hands and face and wash after half an hour . This package makes the tanned skin to be in its normal stage and gives a new light.

5.To avoid stains, the first thing every morning to drink a glass of carrot juice.

6. Effective treatment to clear the combination is a mixture of Besan with cucumber juice rubbed her face, neck and hands.

7. Tomatoes cut in half and rubbed her face good for toning and skin whitening.

8. Mixing equal amounts of lime juice and cucumber and apply to the face is also beneficial. It acts as an astringent and whitens the skin.

9. Apply a mixture of 2 teaspoons of yogurt and a few drops of almond oil and rose water on the face and neck for almost half an hour. Then wash off.

10. A mixture of rice flour and milk deposited on the surface acts as a good face.

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