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10 Most Effectable Winter Skin Care Tips 2014

Changing weather affects your skin very much. Especially in winter when the weather is cold and dry the moisture inside the skin degrades very quickly, and the skin is much more susceptible to bacteria and germs.Skin Care Tips For Winter Season,Winter Skin Care Tips

Skin becomes dull, dark and loses its original color. Currently, there are many ways to protect your skin, but I enlisted some of the basic tips for skin care in winter are as follows:10 Winter Skin Care Tips For Beauty,Facial Skin Care

Top 10 Useful Winter Skin Care Tips Home Remedies

1.In winter our lips become very dry . This makes the problem even smiling for us , it loses the natural pink hue , becomes similar to plastic wrap , and sometimes , when we say they break down , break and bleed. Its winter season , so you can not change it only and only if you have in mind a few tips for skin care of your lips. Vaseline is great for restoring moisture to the lips . They not only moisturize the lips , but give them their nutritional color back. Vaseline is a natural lip balm , so you always have them covered with Vaseline, and then you can cover them with the color of the lips.

2.The powdery white appearance of the skin after washing your face or getting a shower is also very common, but it can be removed by using a good moisturizer . If your skin is very sensitive , you can use baby lotion . It is very easy and it will not hurt your skin in any way.

3.The itchy skin and cause dryness . The best way to reduce the itching is the use of glycerol so always cover your body with glycerol after a shower in the winter season .

4.Winter the time when your skin losing its natural color and tends to get darker and unattractive , I mean the skin of the hands , fingertips and hands. They look very unattractive , but the skin can be eliminated by using a good moisturize . You can use humectants such as Olay, Nivea , etc. this moisturizing repair your skin and prevent it darkens.

5.Most women complain that after the winter season, it seems that they have not opened so is not even on the second walk without moisturizer , as this would lead to very large pores.

6.If you want your facial skin to stay honest and do not have wrinkles at an early stage , it will never wash your face with warm water. Always wash your face with warm water .

7.When you go to the shower Make sure the water is not very hot, but moderately warm , because if you use very hot water for a shower, it would lead to scaly skin .

8.In the winter season, when you wax your skin, wash it with warm water , then cover with waxed leather with a good moisturizer to heal and restore the skin .
9.Hair loss is very often in the winter and is therefore very important that you do not wash your hair with cold water, and never use hot water for the hair, as this would open up the hair follicle and cause hair loss .

10. Most importantly do not let your skin dehydrate , so take plenty of fluids.

You can use all of these products for skin care , but another thing is also important that these products must be good in terms of quality and efficiency. Because there are many products available on the market that can ruin your skin due to their poor quality and Miss your product concept . Before buying any chemical product , you should always know your skin type , as well as what type of chemical is your skin allergy . Please give us feedback about this article and do not take care of your beautiful body . Your comment will really boost me to write more beauty tips and tricks to help men and women to enhance their beauty .

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