10 Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Women

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you can not have a lot of time to put on makeup, especially if you are a busy mom. However, if you have at least 10 minutes to spare, you can see the beautiful blush and ready to take on the day. So, you can look great in less than 10 minutes. Reema Khan, CEO of shapes Eyebrows Bar, shows her “go-to” tips for quick makeup routine. Here’s a 10 minute tutorial Reema makeup – there are only 4 steps. What is the key to this 10-minute make-up routine? Shapely eyebrows!

10 Minute Makeup Routine

Eye Makeup Style 2013

Step 1: Frame the face with a well-shaped eyebrows. If properly groomed eyebrows (* threaded, waxed or plucked string), the eyes will naturally without any need for shade. Make sure that the eyebrows are not too thin and fill them with a touch of eyebrow powder for maximum effect. IMPORTANT: Before your eyebrows a bit darker than the rest in order to create the illusion of a smaller nose.

10 minute makeup routine for busy women

Step 2: With the click of powder for quick, even application without the clutter to create a fresh look.Use a pressed foundation powder for a quick

Step 3: Curl lashes before applying mascara to make sure that the ink goes on evenly and you can get away with a single application. Again, surrounding the eyes properly, the key to a polished look.

Curl eyelashes

Step 4: Finish with a quick application of blush and lip gloss, remembering that less is more! If you are over-paid to take this step, you will lose blush, natural effect.

Finish with a quick application of blush and lip gloss

Benefits of Threading eyebrows

With flow, you can select one hair at a time, if necessary, ensuring complete accuracy.
The threads known to be much less painful and irritating to the skin. It is an effective treatment for those who use Retin-A or other acne products, and therefore can not wax.
Threading process destroys the hair, which makes for a more stable results than tweezing or waxing.
Over time, hair removal can make the skin begins to sag. With threading, only straight hair is removed, keeping your delicate skin smooth and wrinkle-free!

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