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10 Effective Natural Remedy Tips For Gray Hair Color

If you find a sliver or gray hair after a 40-45 , it’s not a disease, it is natural. Over time, your hair loses its color and become gray . But this does not affect hair growth and health. If your hair is not a problem , they can live with you in the end. Since males do not take good care of their hair as women .

Tips For Gray Hair Color

Tips For Gray Hair Color

So they face baldness or hair dandruff and hair graying rapidly after age 40 , or , more men than women .

Gray hair can happen at any age--even in your teens or early twentiesHair Color

Different color of hair follicles growing in them . Hair made ​​of brownish material called melanin. The amount of melanin is different in different people. If the amount is more than your hair color is black , and if it is less than your hair color has turned to gray. If the amount of melanin slightly below the average of your hair color is brownish or golden .

As soon as many women recover from discovering the first grey hairs

Hair color develops in the cells of the follicles. Hair color of our body hair is also based on this , which gives a different color of our skin of the body. Sunlight (vitamin D) improves the development of melanin, but the sun’s rays effect on hair color . We can not change the ratio of the amount of melanin in the hair, but we can improve it from the roots of the skin or skull .

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The main reasons for the quick Gray Hair

  • Tension and stress are the main cause of the Great gray hair. With tension and stress slow the growth of follicles in black or stop it completely. Use products that reduce stress.
  • The other main reason is the inheritance. Some people in this business to quickly get more gray hair than others.
  • Some medications stops the growth of your hair follicles and changed.

Best Top -10 tips to change your gray hair

1. Boil 100 grams of dried Crush Goose Berry ( Amla ) in 250 grams of coconut oil over low heat. If gooseberries start smoking than turn off the stove . Leave the oil on compact than the oil filter and store it in a glass bottle. This oil would be enough for 2-3 months. Use it regularly every day for 3 months, your gray hair will improve its color and new hair will grow black.

2. Boil black tea in the water and then wash your hair , rinse your hair with this tea water. Leave your hair for 25-30 minutes and shampoo your hair . This remedy is also effective for gray hair.

3. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil 1 or 2 egg yolks and 1 tablespoon Sikakai powder in it ( increase the amount , depending on hair length ), apply this mixture to brush the hair and leave on for 40-45 minutes. After washing your hair dry with a towel and apply a small amount of almond oil for a little massage. Use this tool for 2-3 months, three times a week to achieve effective results.

4. Make a paste with yogurt, fenugreek seed powder and egg yolk. Apply this paste on the roots of the hair with your fingertips . Leave for 2-3 hours , then rinse with plain water .

5. After the steam head massage with olive oil daily fingertips . Olive ‘s great for healthy hair and scalp . Or mix the egg yolk with olive oil and apply on the hair. After continued use of this mixture into your hair will turn your hair black.

6. Mix aloe vera gel 4-5 tablespoons , 2 egg yolks and 1 tablespoon goose berry powder . Apply the mixture for 1-2 hours three times a week.

7. Eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals is a key step to change the color of gray hair . Products with sulfur, silicon and iron found very effective for gray hair. Use black beans, walnuts , sunflower seeds , almonds and sesame seeds in your daily diet , these products are necessary for the production of melanin. Omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients for healthy hair and follicles.

8. Some exercises such as moving the head in a round circular motion or movement of the left and right are very good for hair health and growth.

9. Keep your hair from dust and keep clean. Wash the hair with the normal or cold water instead of hot water . Warm or hot water to remove melanin your hair.

10. Keep your hair dandruff form, it inhibits the growth of cells of the follicle. Massage your scalp and hair massage oil regularly .

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